Kara Newell, St. Louis 

  Kara Newell, a true creative spirit, graduated with a degree in hospitality studies and tourism. She spent several years in the hotel industry, all the while experimenting with different crafts and art styles and dreaming of pursuing a career as a professional artist. One day she decided to make her dreams a reality, literally, and began to create Dyezines, which she feels are true "expressions of her dreams". 

Jennifer Bickel is the co-creator of Dyezines and Kara's best friend. Jen has been dying on cotton for many years and recently discovered with Kara how bright and distinct dye colors appear on silk. Jen was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis several years ago and for her, maintaining physical and emotional stability is top priority. Her art is great therapy for her (and Kara) and a great way to support the National MS Society by donating a portion of the proceeds from sales. 

Together, Kara and Jen bring you a Dyezine to fit any taste or personality, in many different sizes and shapes and nearly limitless combinations of colors and patterns. Kara is also a professional framer and can offer any piece framed or unframed, with a variety of frame and matte choices to suit any decor. 

Custom created art is also available, as are lower cost prints of many of the pieces (although the prints don't glimmer like the real silk). Kara and Jen hope you enjoy their Dyezines as much as they enjoy creating them and with always present smiles on their faces say "Thank You!" 

For more information contact: Kara Newell 314-721-6994   dyezines@yahoo.com  You can also view and purchase prints in the online gallery at: www.yessy.com/dyezines