Jill Nassau, Painter and Sculptor - St. Louis

My most recent creations of stained glass and painted sculptures combine strong graphic design, intricate glass work and figurative sculpture. I overlay beautiful stained glass on clay or resin sculptures which adds sparkling color to these three dimensional images. These works are narrative interpretations or define relationships or events that remain foremost in my thoughts. My goal is to peak the viewer's senses with this innovative and dramatic effect.

I almost always work figuratively. In my latest two-dimensional oil paintings I am trying to capture the ethereal quality of water and sun and how we are effected by these atmospheric influences.

The psychology of my work charts the richness and complexities of human relationships and traditions. The stories behind each piece illustrate some of our most common emotions.... Friendship, joy, togetherness, love and unity. I strive to impart the feeling surrounding every day human connectedness, and the emotions we take for granted as we live, love and share together. The underlying strength of the human condition fascinates me. I am drawn by the energy generated from the deep bonds between us. By creating these visual experiences, I hope to impart the viewer with a feeling of peace and serenity.

For more three decades, Jill Nassau has worked from her St. Louis studio as a graphic designer, illustrator, sculptor and painter. Recently she has been concentrating on her unique technique of overlaid cut glass sculpture. Her many works have been seen at juried shows, cultural exhibitions and in commercial galleries. Her work can be seen in St. Louis at Creative Art Gallery. Several private and corporate patrons include her art in their collections.

Jill earned a Studio Arts degree (Magna cum laude) with an emphasis on painting and sculpture from Maryville University in St. Louis, MO. In addition, she has interned and studied with several prominent professional painters and sculptors throughout the Midwest.

If you would like to get in contact with Jill, you can reach her at:   (636)394-4788  or   jill-nassau@usa.net