Carol Aileen Fleming Marks - Ceramic Artists, St. Louis

A Brief History of Terra Nova Studio 

I have always been creative with clay.  In 1987, I got my Master of Fine Arts from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. I found a building to rent in Maplewood of Missouri, ordered a Bailey kiln from New York, and filed my fictitious name, in the winter of 1989. My landlord and I made the 1200 square feet of space into a great studio. I made tables, ordered clay and got started.  I lined up two galleries to represent my artwork; one in Chicago, and the other in downtown St. Louis. I have worked with 28 art galleries. I sold artwork to friends and made sales calls based on referrals. I kept the ball rolling. The artwork I create are bridges, columns, eggs and site-specific projects.

I specialize more and more in fulfilling large orders, with clients who are familiar with my trademark columns, or have a specific need for a ceramic project. I like working with public institutions, private corporations, public art commissions, independent architects, and individual clients. My artwork is suitable for outdoor elements. I enjoy making large ceramic sculptures and finding homes for them.

Carol Aileen Fleming Marks - - fax 314 692 7801