Julie Malone, artist - St. Louis 

Julie Malone is an established St. Louis painter working primarily in oil. She holds a BFA in Studio Art (1994) from CMSU and has studied at the Kansas City Art Institute.

While trained in the figurative style, Jules has recently experienced a transition into the abstract. Her work takes on a neo-cubistic style that comes alive with color and form. She moves paint on wood surfaces to create line, shape, color and texture communicating her perspective of moments in time and place. The results are bold and rich works that communicate an architectural and "map-like" outline of an underlying intense emotion.

Jules also paints portraits, commissioned works on canvas and furniture, wall murals and sculpture for area residents and businesses in the city.

A native of Missouri, Jules continues to create within the artistic community of St. Louis.

For paintings, murals and commissioned works email Jules at: webmaster@artbyjules.com 

Visit my site: http://www.artbyjules.com