Jane Linders, Photographer - St. Louis 

My main focus are alternative photographic techniques such as Polaroid Transfers or black and white infrared photography. Polaroid transfers are "one of a kind" images since the negative is destroyed in the process, no two images will ever look alike. This unusual medium offers incredible diversity and lends itself to spontaneous exploration. After the image is printed it can be further manipulated by watercolors and pastel pencils.

My subjects are anything from the crumbling graves of persons long gone to the quirky kitsch of a roadside Elvis museum. Like many artists, my time is divided between my family, my job and my art. To maintain some sort of balance, most of my photographs are shot while I'm going about my ordinary life. While taking a kid to a soccer game, a family outing or vacation, I manage to fine something "out of the ordinary" in ordinary subjects.

Jane Linders, 2419 Country Place, Maryland Heights, MO 63043

 email: zapspark@cs.com   website: http://www.janelinders.focalfix.com   phone: 314-576-7155