Carolyn Hasenfratz - Artist, St. Louis

Carolyn was born in St. Louis and raised in Florissant. She recieved a B.F.A. degree from Southern Illinois University in 1993 and has been showing art work in a variety of media over the last several years. She primarily works in collage, photography, printmaking, jewelry, and mixed media and maintains a studio in Florissant. She is employed as Creative Media Director at "" Metropark Communications, where her primary function is to design, develop and market web sites as well as design a variety of documents both printed and electronic.

As well as making art, Carolyn enjoys writing and sharing information about art and historic preservation, particularly of 20th Century Architecture and Route 66. She maintains a personal web site about her art work called "" Lime Green Evolution World of Art and a Route 66 preservation site called "" The John's Modern Cabin's News. She is also a member of and maintains the web site for the "" Route 66 Association of Missouri

To contact Carolyn, write to PO Box 771, Florissant MO 63032-0771, or send email to