Bill Fogarty, Photographer - St. Louis 

Bill Fogarty was born a poor white child in North St. Louis County.  After a tumultuous childhood, Bill turned to a life of crime.  Between stays in State and Federal Penitentiaries, and a broad ranging education in the arts, Bill managed to develop a cult-like following of mentally handicapped persons.  These ďspecialĒ people have been active and supportive participants in all of Billís endeavors, including, but not limited to:  public displays of affection, crayon written editorials to newspapers, defecation on public property and group sponge baths every Saturday morning. 
    In 2002, Bill decided to put the life of crime on hold and finished his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Lindenwood University. Billís most recent work is unapologetically provocative, ranging from fetish erotica to irreverent, politically charged satire.  Bill enjoys the fact that his work frequently straddles the lines of taste, decency and obscenity while consistently presenting titillating and thought-provoking images.  Bill works primarily with acrylic paints on both canvas and paper, but occasionally dabbles in watercolors, photography and multiple forms of drawing and scratching in dry media.  Bill has never been convicted of stealing livestock.  Billís work has garnered numerous awards and has been shown in galleries and competitions from St. Louis to China.  Bill will do almost anything for money, and has plenty of time to listen to any and all proposals.  (314) 954-6918   P.O. Box 1313  Florissant, MO 63031