Laura Filiatreau - Photographer - St. Louis

After years of dabbling in photography, I have finally come to the decision to make a full go of it.  Currently enrolled at St. Louis Community College-Forest, honing my technical skills is an amazing and challenging process.  I started this journey in 1989 as a teenager in a B&W photography class, and since then it's been a hobby that I would always enjoy.  After heading into radio during and after college, I found myself living in Wyoming.  There, I had the pleasure of taking photographs for the tourism edition of "The Bounty" - a small weekly newspaper in Sheridan, Wyoming.

More recently, I have been included in the Spring 2003 Student Show at STLCC-FP.  During summer of 2003, I worked on a B&W study of churches titled, "Sacred Spaces & Comfort Zones".

Like most artists, my goal is to capture moments and to push myself creatively.  I'm always thinking of what is in front of me, and how it would look on film.

You can contact me at for more information.