Lynn Esteban, Painter - St. Louis 

I received my BFA (magna cum laude) in Oil Painting and Graphic Design from Fontbonne University in 1999.  After working for several years in creative fields, I have recently devoted all of my time to my art.  My process often involves many transparent and semi-transparent layers of paint, creating luminous color. 

I paint images of haunting fabric sculptures that tread the line between realism and abstraction.  Fabric in my work represents a dichotomy between comfort and tension; sultry, feminine compositions with blankets or clothing invoke feelings of comfort and protection, while ripped, crumpled and knotted fabrics convey fear and turmoil.  Thus, the viewer’s emotional response is the feeling of being torn between the beauty of the draped fabric and the tension brought into play through composition and lighting.

In the last few years, I have shown paintings locally with Art St. Louis and ArtDimensions, and was awarded Best of Show and Honorable Mention in “Explorations in Oil and Acrylic” at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild.

Lynn Esteban   2132 South Compton    St. Louis, MO  63104

(314) 773-6495