Dana Hawk, Painter - St. Louis 
I am drawn to emotions and contradictions that occur in life's ordinary situations, human or animal.  Even though many of my paintings are a self-portrait in some sense, I attempt to capture feelings that we have all experienced.  I envision each painting as part of a story that I am telling through lighting and color contrasts and like any artist, I distort the certain things that I find most interesting.

I practiced as a physical therapist for 3 years before overcoming some of my fears about painting.  Since February 2003 I have been painting full time and have found it has brought more happiness to people than my work ever did in the health care industry.  My work has been accepted and won awards in shows across the country and has earned me many commissions. 

To inquire about a commission or other works, I can be reached at dana@danahawk.com , visit www.danahawk.com  or (636)493-0303.