Anne Lillian Childers, St. Louis 

Anne Lillian Childers received her BFA in Painting from Southern Illinois University's School of Art and Design in Carbondale, Illinois.  Since graduating in 2000, Anne has traveled, selling and exhibiting her work throughout the Eastern and Midwestern states.  Her work evokes a sensuality that often alludes to the innocence and experiences of a child.  In her murals, she works with the client to develop a whimsical expansion of the room.  In her more personal paintings and photographs, Anne discovers a solitude that is reminiscent of her own childhood.  She uses composition in the camera's picture plane and textured surfaces of the oil paint to find new ways to communicate her perspective of this self reflection.  The results are quiet sensual works that are timeless narratives.  Returning home to St. Louis this year, Anne continues to create within the artistic community of the city.

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