Eileen Bax, Painter - St. Louis

From the time I was small, I always loved art. In college I participated in the Art Program at Maryville University and followed that with a transfer to the University of Missouri and shift in focus to writing. My original plan was to write and illustrate children’s books.

After a nearly 30-year interruption, (otherwise known as raising nine children) I’ve discovered a new medium for artwork – the computer. It provides me with an efficient outlet for my creative restlessness. My kids have given me all the material I’ll ever need for a volume of books.

Rather than settle into a graphics job, I prefer to create “custom” artwork for the client who just loves something I’ve done but “wants it in blue”, or in a different size, on canvas or special paper.

Opinions and critiques are welcome. And of course I want to know if you’d like to purchase or commission a piece. Contact me at ebax01@swbell.net for prices or other information.