Nick Anania-Photographer, St. Louis

My Name is Nick Anania and I'm a "photographer"(by hobby). That was easy to admit.

I have been shooting pictures since 2001. You can usually find me haunting the MOBOT and Victorian parks(Forest, Tower Grove and Lafayette) around the metro area.

I was born in Saint Louis, raised in Saint Louis, love Saint Louis. I am the second of three or the middle child, the only boy between two girls. In an Italian Catholic family my father and I barely made it out alive. This led me to marry a nice quiet German girl who shares my love for the city and encourages me to keep shooting.

I have a degree in Computer Engineering, don't much care for digital,  don't have a website and am making the transition from black and white/sepia to color.

That's me in a nutshell...

Contact info:
Nick Anania
5737 Potomac
Saint Louis MO,63139