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Online Gallery Coming Soon!

We have been contacted by a number of artist who do not have the time or websites or marketing experience to market their art effectively- We Do!!! The gallery will offer artist the opportunity to contract STL to sell their work for them on a commission basis.

Local artists!! This is your chance to get your work seen. StlArtists is offering free listings for all local artists representing the mediums above.

All you have to do to get listed is email a short bio, up to 9 image files of your work, contact information, and if you have a website already, a web address. And, the images don't have to be any more than 72 dpi and a few inches in height or width. 

Funds from the sale of any work that is donated to StlArtists for fundraising auctions or events goes directly towards promoting the site and the artists. The donation of artwork to StlArtists is not mandatory, but it is appreciated.  

Being a photographer myself, I know the importance of getting your work seen. This site will be a great way of getting your work in front of thousands of people and potential buyers from not only St. Louis, but all over the world.